Operation Jesus Pictures

Free Pictures of Jesus

The picture of Jesus that we offer was painted in 1935 by an Armenian artist, and is based on the image found on the Shroud of Turin. Write or text us for a free image via snail mail, or print and distribute as many as you wish from the website. Give hope. Give Jesus.


Pictures of Jesus files

Links to pdf and publisher files that you can send to your printer or print directly from the website. Share, share, and share again. Hard times are here and Jesus Cares. He will bring answers to all who seek him.

Community Outreach

Don't forget to print pictures of Jesus for the prisons in your state, the homeless on the streets of your city, for your friends and family, for believers and those seeking, and for everyone else you can think of. Jesus cares for all. 

Remind everyone: keep talking to Jesus and you will start to feel his presence. It's true! Try it out, and then share Jesus in your community.