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JCRF Orphanage

Work has begun on the Orphanage

Construction has started on the JCRF orphanage in Nabwendo, Uganda. The picture shows the plan for the orphanage that was made by the consulting engineer. We are very happy with this development. According to the Ugandan government, school can commence on January 10, 2022, so Jesus Cares Restoration School (JCRS) will reopen on that date.

The orphanage is for children ages 7-14, to give them a home and to allow them to attend JCRS. Pastor John has contacted pastors and village leaders from the surrounding areas to advise them of this project. Originally, we thought we might be able to house 40 orphans in May 2022, if building goes as planned, but we have adjusted upwards to 60 orphans. Your prayers and support are appreciated.

May God bless the children who come to us. May they find a loving home, a superb education, and comfort for the loss of their parents. We can do this together, with God's help.

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