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JCRF at a Glance

Jesus Cares Restoration Foundation (JCRF) is a nonprofit that supports education, especially in Africa. JCRF is the sponsor of the Jesus Cares Restoration School, and the ngo, Jesus Cares Restoration Ministry in Nabwendo, Uganda. JCRF's current project is an orphanage for children ages 7-14 in the vicinity of Nabwendo. Every child should have an education and JCRF is dedicated to providing housing and schooling for orphans at our free school in Uganda. 

JCRF supports People & Angels, a charitable endeavor to help people all over the world. LET YOUR BETTER ANGELS WIN. 


Jesus Cares Restoration School 

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Jesus Cares Restoration School

Free Primary School, Nabwendo, Uganda, Africa

Jesus Cares Restoration Foundation is a sponsor for the free primary school

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JCRF Orphanage

Housing and schooling for orphans

Construction on the orphanage building began in December 2021.
The orphanage is designed to house orphans aged 7-14.  

The school, Jesus Cares Restoration School and supporting NGO
Jesus Cares Restoration Ministry are located in Nabwendo, Uganda.
JCRS was opened in 2015. Before COVID shut down all schools in Uganda in 2020,
JCRS had approximately 450 students, 15 teachers, two cooks, and two teacher assistants. 

Past projects for JCRS include the building of the classrooms, office, Great Hall, 
and a dormitory for P. 7 (Primary 7) students. P.7 students receive tutoring
for passing exams that are necessary to attend Senior School. 

JCRF also donated a water pump, playground equipment, and funds for the schoolrooms.  

The ngo, Jesus Cares Restoration Ministry, is dedicated to supporting the surrounding village of Nabwendo, 
and churches nearby whose parishioners are in poverty.  The ministry provided sewing machines for women
in the church to make uniforms (and later COVID masks) for the school, and to provide skills to the women, free
of charge. JCRM also donated sewing machines to other churches, along with free training in tailoring skills.

The JCRM woodworking project offered free classes to teach simple carpentry
skills to men. The students started with tables for the classrooms. 

Future plans for JCRM include the orphanage, a medical clinic that will also provide training
to nurses, a vocational school to teach various trades to students not able to attend secondary
school, and eventually, a secondary (high) school that will be a day school for local students.  

Jesus Cares Restoration School

People & Angels

Let our better angels win

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to make this world better, project by project. Whether it's buying a bike for a needy ministry or donating food and goods to a local organization, our goal is to use our resources to uplift and inspire. Sometimes it the small things that can change lives. 

"They that wait on the Lord show renew their strength, they shall rise up with wings as eagles." From the high places, our perspective is wider, more encompassing, and more forgiving. Oh Lord, what can we do for you today? 

Community Service

Food Donation Drop-Off

Reinforcing our Commitment

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge. Food Donation Drop-Off is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.